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Forex Learn Elite

The Forex Learn Elite course has been built from the ground up. In short it will transform your skills, psychology and knowledge and shape you into a successful independent Forex trader. Regardless of your prior experience or knowledge. Just as it’s turned many others before you into the successful independent Forex traders they are today. The course is delivered over an intensive three-day period in our office. The following is breakdown of the course over a 3 day period.

  • Day 1
  • Real World Market Introduction
  • Market Breakdown & Terminology
  • Chart Set up
  • Trading Styles
  • The Psychology of Trading
  • Mistakes & Traps of the Market
  • Market News Plan
  • Day 2
  • Time Frame Analysis
  • Raw Price Action
  • Advanced Trend Spotting
  • Key Level Structure
  • Candle Stick Breakdown
  • Risk Management
  • Analysing Live Trades
  • Day3
  • Update Work Review
  • Fibonacci Formula
  • Moving Average Settings
  • Money Management Plan
  • Question & Answer Break
  • Practical Analysis with team
  • Create your own Trading Plan

The All Important Aftercare because
you’re never alone with ForexLearn


ComprehensiveTrading Manual

Detailed market information and analysis including diagrams to help guide you throughout your trading career.


Online Archive

a collection of previous students work including examples of trading journals, past trade screenshots and much more.


Online Video Hub

247 access to comprehensive videos; ranging from core course content to specific advanced market techniques.


Continuous Development

Our team is a phone call or email away. Regular updates and reviews are a part of our commitment to you.

Plus You Will Also Receive The Following

You will receive the ForexLearn 250 Page GuidebookThis is a professionally printed A4 binder that contains a range of in-depth trading information. It’s also been organised in an easy to follow way that makes it easy for you to understand

The Forex Learn 250 Page Guidebook is complete with:

  • Trade examples,
  • Screen shots,
  • In-depth market explanations,
  • Chart patterns,
  • Fundamental market impacts,
  • Long and short term professional strategies
  • A Definition & Introduction to Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Forex Learn Trading Terminology
  • Various Types of Orders & Calculating Profit & Loss
  • Live Price Action
  • Introduction To Pro Forex Charting
  • In-Depth Technical Analysis
  • Constructing A Forex Trading Plan
  • The Psychology Of Trading
  • Professional Live Price Action
  • 8-11 Forex Learn Principal Trading Strategies
  • and much more.


An exciting and inspiring future awaits you, become a forex trader with ForexLearn

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